You won't believe the crazy cosmetic trick people are using to hide car scratches

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27 Sep 2021, 14:00

Credit: TikTok

Scrapes on cars are inevitable. They're also infuriating, especially when they appear mysteriously out of nowhere. Good news for drivers. Put the breaks on calling for help - all you need is a little bottle of... NAIL VARNISH.

One savvy TikToker has shared how to sort out scratches without breaking the bank. French user Océana posted the pound-saving trick on her TikTok account, ‘occcccmrt’ using a small bottle of red nail varnish captioning it: “Clio réparée.”

After applying the varnish which is fortunately the same colour as the car, the unsightly marks seem to disappear.

Credit: TikTok

Don't know about you, but we barely trust ourselves to paint our own nails, let alone a car.

Gaining over 23.4million views and 2.5 million likes, the video has 20.9k comments and 53.7k shares, although some people aren't so convinced by the paint job.

One person said: “Perfect colour match.”

Another added: “Nobody’s gonna know.”

A third commented: "It's all fun and games until it rains."

Another penned: "I'm really cringing on how this was applied."

Credit: TikTok

While one user suggested: "There should be nail polishes named by the official car colour and it's of course this colour. Like: Mercedes grey. Every problem would be gone."

Another joked: "I just know foundation is the perfect shade."

A paint by numbers job? Or grabbing the number for the garage?