Scared stiff? Check out the £7.99 Aldi spider catcher for getting rid of arachnids

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27 Sep 2021, 13:07

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Spider mating season. Three words to send shivers down your spine. For some people (read: us) coming face-to-hairy-legs with spiders is terrifying. But now there's a little help from Aldi to ease our arachnid worries: The good old spider catcher.

One woman shared the handy £7.99 find from Aldi on her TikTok page. User Liv Dainton said: “Everyone in the UK run to Aldi and get a spider catcher right now!"

The spider-friendly catcher which doesn't harm them is for both indoor and outdoor use and is a ‘fun and friendly way to remove spiders and crawling insects’ including moths, butterflies and other unsavoury house guests.

Friendly? Yes. Fun? We beg to differ.

Credit: TikTok
Credit: TikTok

With over 264k views and 9,300 likes, users have applauded the creepy crawly catcher.

One person said: “I wouldn’t even dare use it.”

Another added: “Why buy that when you can just get your hoover?”

A third commented: “Just pick it up with your hands.”

One user wrote: "Spider catcher BFF."

Another penned: "I'm that petrified I still couldn't use this."

A non-spider lover added: "I've already got one. My shoe..."

What kind of catcher are you?