Eddy's Good News: An archaeological find in Egypt and an age defying feat

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6 Jun 2024, 13:15

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Thursday 6th June 2024

Credit: Professor Marta Osypińska / Studying the pet cemetery in Egypt#

We are a pet loving family here at Livedrive and this follows a thousands of years tradition which was brought into heart warming focus when a pet cemetery was discovered in Egypt, from its time under the Roman Empire. 

The site is being excavated by Polish archaeologists and offers a fascinating insight into the lives of high ranking Roman soldiers and their love for their pets. 

Over two hundred cats, dogs, calves and monkeys were found here, preserved with great care and effort, in specially made graves. The most interesting thing was the differences between graves. There was an animal hierarchy and the monkeys were at the top. They also found letters on papyrus, written by tribunes and centurions which gave insights into the trading of luxury goods. Monkeys were part of that story and these Egypt stationed centurions often owned Indian macaques, for companionship. One in particular, a female, was found buried just like a human, with a tombstone and beautiful ornaments buried with her. Other monkeys were buried with harnesses or collars, all, evidently, much loved in life and in their passing. 

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: John Chapman / MSF

This afternoon we take our caps off to the first woman to swim from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge to the Farallon Islands—a distance of near 30 miles, in cold and shark infested waters. 

Amy Gubser, who’s now a grandmother, swam for 17 hours straight to break the record. Two men have done the swim, but in the other direction. It’s actually easier to go from the Island to the bridge, all attempts to go in the other direction have failed until Amy crushed it. 

It was a stressful time. And cold too. Amy chose to do the swim without a wet suit. There are a huge amount of great white sharks in this area and when swimming that distance the wet suit runs against the skin and can cause bleeding. The last thing she wanted was to be bleeding anywhere near a great white shark. So she had snack breaks every 30 minutes. The incredible and age defying feat gives inspiration to everyone in the final third of their life.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org