Minds blown as four people depicted on Bank of England notes are linked in spooky way or portrayed in films by Timothy Spall

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24 Jan 2024, 16:23

Minds blown as all four famous people depicted on Bank of England notes are linked by this spooky way

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Ever noticed a link between the four people featured on the reverse of the Bank of England notes? Prepare to have your brain baffled with some extraordinarily strange coincidences, because they're all connected by the number 41 and actor Timothy Spall.

Author/illustrator Frank Paul wrote on social media: "All four people currently depicted on the reverse of Bank of England banknotes either died at the age of 41 or were portrayed in a film by Timothy Spall."

Spall played Winston Churchill in 2010's The King's Speech - who is featured on a £5 note - and artist JMW Turner who features on a £20 note, who he played in 2014's Mr Turner.

Author Jane Austen, who is on a £10 note, died at the age of 41. While Alan Turing (£50), who is best known for his code-breaking work during World War 2, also died at 41.

Trivia expert Mark Mason wrote on Twitter - now known as X: "This is exquisite. (£5 - Winston Churchill - played by Spall £10 - Jane Austen - died at 41 £20 - JMW Turner - played by Spall £50 - Alan Turing - died at 41)."

Followers commented: "Like Henry VIII's wives. Divorced, Spalled, died, divorced, Spalled, survived."

A second joked: "I had to check how old Jane Austen was when she died, just to satisfy myself that she'd never been played by Timothy Spall."

A third penned: "Sounds like a ‘House of Games’ round. Richard’s perfect partner being someone who died when they were 41 AND have been played by Timothy Spall in a film…"