Eddy's Good News: Comedy Wildlife and how a bin man became a hero

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28 Nov 2023, 12:02

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Tuesday 28th November 2023

Credit: The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2023 / ©Jacek Stankiewicz

It’s the time of year for end of year polls and competitions to announce the best of year, or just things of the year like album, single, video or in this case Comedy Wildlife Picture of the year!

Yes that’s a thing, and it’s an absolutely joyful thing at that.

Credit: White grouse – The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2023 / ©Jacques Poulard

We’ve all been moved by those incredible moments in the natural world, caught on camera, often after incredible patience and dedication. Now it’s time for us to be moved in a different way, as we witness the same awe but with a sense of humour. You’ll see two greenfinches who look like they’re having an argument, a turtle playfully toying with a dragon fly on their nose, and a white grouse so perfectly spherical it looks like a white bowling ball…but of the 5,300 entries from 85 countries the winner is Jason Moore who capture a kangaroo playing air guitar. It’s hilarious, see for yourself!

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: Tiny Tim with Laura Morris, his new owner – Blue Cross Animal Hospital

We’ve all found something great in a bin at sometime, and thanks to an eagle eyed bin-man, that great thing didn’t get crushed when he emptied somebody’s bin into the back of the lorry.

He saw a two day old snow white kitten who’d been heartlessly thrown into a landfill bin in London. The poor little fella hadn’t even opened his eyes yet, and weighed just 92 grams, to put that into context your phone probably weighs more than twice that. Lucky for him, his tiny little mews were heard by the bin man who fished him out and got him to the Blue Cross Animal Hospital, where he was put in an incubator and hand fed every two hours.

He’s been called Tiny Tim, he’s absolutely gorgeous and about to experience his first Christmas in his new forever home as he’s been adopted by Laura Morris, who works at The Blue Cross and could not resist this little snow angel.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org