Danny Dyer speaks about the reason he left EastEnders

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1 Mar 2023, 11:58

Credit: BBC / Getty

After nine years, EastEnders legend Danny Dyer said goodbye to Albert Square on Christmas Day 2022, and he has now spoken about leaving the long-running soap opera.

Dyer, who played tough guy Mick Carter, appeared on BBC's The One Show last night (28th February), where he opened up about quitting Albert Square. “It was a very emotional thing for me,” he admitted.

And regarding the reason why he left, the actor explained: “I signed up for this other job. I literally left, packed a bag and flew to Australia. The reason I did it, it was a really good script and everything, but I wanted to work in the sunshine.”

He added: “And I got to Melbourne, and it rained every single day.”

The new show in question is called Heat, which is set to air on Channel 5 later this year. The official synopsis reads: “Heat unfolds to the backdrop of the looming Australian bushfire season when two families, who are long-time friends, venture to a secluded home for a summer vacation. As secrets and lies unravel it becomes a tinderbox – and not everyone will make it out alive.”

Speaking about the show, Danny said “It’s really clever. It’s really good. All Australian crew, Australian actors. So I’ve got an Australian wife. They did ask me to be Australian. I said, ‘Let’s just all calm down a little bit!’”

During his chat on the One Show sofa, Danny addressed the chances of one day going back to EastEnders. Whilst his character seemed to drown in the English Channel, no body was found. He said: “Anything is possible. Where would he have gone to? He can’t swim. I found it a bit odd.”

As well as appearing in Heat, Danny is also set to play an “alpha male with a prescription drug addiction and a biscuit tin full of his Dad's ashes” in upcoming comedy series Mr Bigstuff.

In what is proving to be a very busy time for the star of The Wall, he is also joining comedian and Strictly Come Dancing alum Ellie Taylor at the helm of new Netflix quiz show, Cheat.