Will Mellor reveals the personal impact of filming new crime docu-series Cops Who Kill

Virgin Radio

1 Mar 2023, 11:16

Will Mellor

Credit: Rex

Will Mellor has revealed how presenting a harrowing new documentary series, Cops Who Kill, impacted him. 

The Crime + Investigation series examines eight crimes from the UK, Australia and the US, where police officers have committed murder. Will then takes a look at the intent and planning that went into each crime and how the perpetrators used their police training to try and cover their tracks. 

Cases the Will looks into include Sarah Everard’s murder by Wayne Couzens, and Alice Farquharson’s murder at the hands of her husband, retired Scottish police officer, Keith.

The Strictly Come Dancing alum will go further by discussing each crime with psychologists and experts, who try and work out why these officers of the law decide to take the lives of those they have sworn to protect.

Speaking to virginradio.co.uk ahead of the release of Cops Who Kill, Will shared how learning about the heinous crimes impacted him and his family. 

When asked about the hardest aspects of hosting such an emotive series, Will replied: “When I was doing the Karl Bluestone case, I remember speaking to my kids to tell them I loved them, it’s as simple as that. 

“I'm an actor as well, so I've got a very active mind. My dad used to say ‘you got a head full of magic’, because that's what helps me in my job. But it means I can imagine faces and children and what they must have been going through. And it was the same with Sarah [Everard], I was dreaming about it. It was horrendous.”

Despite having such a deep, emotional impact on Will, the Line of Duty star added that he wants people to have the same conversations surrounding the police, especially in today’s climate. 

“The whole point of this is it’s important, because we have to keep people talking. We have to learn, and this programme will evoke conversations and that's what we need to have, to bring the police and the public back together because we need to build that bridge.

“The other thing that the Met Police have to show is that we're going to out these people. If you're in our force, we're going you out, because you've given the rest of these great police a bad name, it can't carry on.”

Cops Who Kill With Will Mellor premieres on Crime + Investigation on Monday 6th March at 10pm and on Crime+Investigation PLAY on the 7th March.