Eddy's Good News: Japanese aerospace start-up and a heart warming story from Canada

Virgin Radio

1 Mar 2023, 11:19

Credit: Iwaya Giken

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Wednesday 1st March 2023

Great news from Japan as a new tech startup will give you the chance to go to the edge of space for a fraction of the cost of its rivals and in a capsule that looks like the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon!

Say Konichiwa dozo yoroshiku to a Sapporo-based company who are aiming to take the faff out of space tourism, something which currently costs millions and you need special astronaut training. These guys have simplified the whole process, removed the need for any training, you just go up in a special balloon, and yes the capsule does look like you’re in the millennium Falcon, you get up to 14 miles, and because the capsule has clear uninterrupted views above, you can see the star spangled universe above, while chuckling to yourself how anyone could think the earth is flat when you look below.

They’re launching in October, at $175,000 a ticket, but they’re aiming to bring that down to just $7,500! Amazing! (have a look for yourself).

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: Waylon Saunders – taken by Gillian Burnett

Amazing and inspiring news from Canada and a toddler that was dead for over three hours brought back to life by doctors who keep pumping his chest with CPR. 

Say hello to 3 year old Waylon Saunders, from Ontario, who was found face down in an icy swimming pool and taken to hospital dead with his body temperature at almost zero degrees. But doctors there knew that the human body can survive in suspended animation for many hours in almost frozen water and they started administering CPR and slowly warming up his body. It took three hours of non stop chest compressions before they restarted his heart and Waylon miraculously came back to life and is absolutely fine now.

This isn’t the first time this has happened and it won’t be the last, I remember a kid who fell into one of the great lakes near Buffalo and wasn’t found for hours and hours, he’s fine too. 

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org