Robots will do 39 percent of household chores by 2033, experts say

Virgin Radio

24 Feb 2023, 11:39

L and R: Robots carrying out household tasks.

Credit: Getty

If you’re fed up with doing household tasks, then the good news is that your domestic workload might become a whole lot less busy in the next decade. 

Experts reckon that, by 2033, about 39% of the time spent doing housework and caring for loved ones could be taken over by robots. 

Researchers from the University of Oxford and Japan's Ochanomizu University have asked 65 artificial intelligence (AI) experts to predict how many everyday tasks will become automated in five years and within a decade. The study ponders: “What kind of futures are imagined for unpaid work? If robots will take our jobs, will they at least also take out the trash for us?”

The new research, which has been published at PLOS ONE, suggests that the time people spend doing housework will drop by 44 percent by 2023, cooking and cleaning will decrease by 46 percent and, hooray, the time we stand at the sink doing the washing up will go down by a whopping 47 percent. 

The biggest difference though, is predicted to be in our grocery shopping. This task is set to become 59 percent automated. 

It seems though, that the human touch will still be important as AI becomes more prevalent, as experts think that caring for the young or old is the least likely to be impacted. The study says that the reason for this is not necessarily “technical in nature”, but rather due to the “social acceptability of delegating childcare to machines, its developmental impacts on the child, and its privacy implications.”

Of course, we’re already seeing our domestic jobs being done for us, with robot vacuum cleaners becoming increasingly popular. So, let’s see what the next ten years bring!