WATCH: Beyond Paradise episode 1 exclusive clip: Humphrey begins new life in Devon with unconventional interrogation

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24 Feb 2023, 09:39

Kris Marshall and Zahra Ahmadi in Beyond Paradise

Credit: BBC

Death in Paradise spin-off Beyond Paradise begins tonight (24th February) and it seems Kris Marshall’s DI Humphrey Goodman is wasting no time settling into his new job in Devon. 

Marshall is returning as the fan-favourite detective after starring in Death in Paradise for three seasons. In this highly-anticipated follow-on, he leaves behind the shores of Saint Marie (and London) for Shipton Abbott in Devon with fiancée Martha Lloyd (Sally Bretton).

In’s exclusive first-look at episode one of Beyond Paradise, Humphrey appears so keen to start his new role at the Shipton Abbott police station, that he gets cracking on a brand new case, much to the surprise of his new partner, DS Esther Williams, played by Zahra Ahmadi. 

In our exclusive clip, DI Goodman is back in the interrogation room, and the duo are questioning a local thief, who was caught throwing a bottle of stolen perfume into the harbour. 

Watch the clip below:

Getting up-close-and-personal, Humphrey takes a good sniff at the hapless thief, and deduces from the floral scent that the perfume was intended for a girlfriend. 

When Humphrey suggests maybe buying a cheap card instead, the perp responds: “I can’t just get her a card can I? That’s well greazy.”

Unfamiliar with the slang, Humphrey quickly whips his head towards his partner, who informs him that the term means “bad.”

Quickly diffusing the situation with his famously unconventional means, Humphrey tells the thief: “Can I give you a bit of advice, I think women aren’t terribly impressed by material things, they might say they are, I think they’re generally not. You get far more brownie points for a grand gesture, something you’ve put a bit of thought into. Let’s not ruin your girlfriend’s birthday tomorrow by having you arrested and charged for shoplifting shall we?”

With the perp seemingly on board, Humphrey adds: “If you sign a statement admitting the theft of the perfume, we’ll let you off with caution, she’ll be known the wiser, and you can spend the whole year saving up for her next birthday. How does that sound?”

Kris recently opened up about returning to the beloved Death in Paradise franchise, and discussed the new obstacles he faced bringing the DiP universe to Devon.

Despite being hundreds of miles away from his Death in Paradise beginnings in Guadalupe, Kris insisted the “day to day challenges are the same.”

He continued: “You're still filming sort of 60,70 hours a week. Those challenges remain, but they're great fun. I love it, the best job in the world.”

Beyond Paradise episode one airs Friday February 24 on BBC One and iPlayer.