Rita Ora marries Taika Waititi and reveals 'perfect' private wedding

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27 Jan 2023, 16:01

Rita Ora marries Taika Waititi and reveals 'perfect' private wedding

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Pop sensation Rita Ora has confirmed the happy news she’s a married woman after getting hitched to Taika Waititi last year.

The Masked Singer judge secretly tied the knot with the Thor: Love and Thunder director and the star finally confirmed they are husband and wife after they were seen wearing rings on their wedding fingers.

The I Will Never Let You Down singer said: "Yes [I am married]. I am officially off the market people. I chose to keep it more private and keep it to myself more but with my new video I am playing on what could have been.

"When the rumours came out is she, isn’t she? I wanted to play on it. I wanted to do a wedding that didn’t go to plan… that’s not to say that is actually what happened," she told Heart Breakfast.

Rita added: "It was perfect. It was exactly, exactly how I wanted.

"It was nice and perfect. It is nice to keep some things just to myself sometimes it was nice and sweet… Sorry it’s not that interesting. One day I will throw a big party."

She explained: "I knew putting music out that was inspired by where I am at [in my life] – I knew the questions were going to come.

"I just thought I may as well put it in my music so this is the first time where the music does all the talking. It explains my love story which is on the album."

Speaking about possibly taking on her husband's last name, she said: "I have definitely thought about taking his surname but I have worked very hard for this Ora name. I don't know… I haven't really decided yet."

She told Vogue magazine previously: "We met in LA and it was through friends and it was amazing, very casual and then we stayed friends for like four, five years and it was just a natural thing.

"We were both in Australia doing two separate jobs and we didn’t really know that many people in Australia so we hung out and that was it.

"We went to a friend’s birthday party and that’s when everything clicked."


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