Carol Vorderman becomes emotional as she recalls close bond with Countdown host

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27 Jan 2023, 12:50

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Countdown star Carol Vorderman has revealed she would probably still be on the show if Richard Whiteley was alive.

Richard tragically died following an emergency operation for endocarditis.

He hosted the show with Carol alongside since the show's inception back in 1982.

After Richard's death in 2005, Carol left three years later.

She told the Daily Star: "I loved my time on Countdown. Life is about the now, but I cherish Countdown.

"I can't believe how lucky I was, particularly with Richard and obviously those 23 years we had growing up together. Being pregnant on the show, having children, and it was a massive show, it has around 5 million views a day.

"I'd love to guest star or something like that, but that opportunity hasn't arisen, but I'm very happy for them."Speaking about Richard, she added: "Don't get me talking about Richard because I cry every time - there was a great love there.

"We worked very, very hard, we loved it - loved our Countdown. We laughed all the time.

"I think if Richard hadn't very sadly died, so suddenly, we'd probably still be on it. I couldn't see that changing, he'd still tell you the same old bad jokes."

Following his death, Carol shared a statement about how close they were, and what a privilege it had been to know him.

She added: "He never let us down. He never disappointed. He loved Countdown. He was Countdown and Countdown was him."

Colin Murray now hosts the show, alongside Rachel Riley.