Happy Valley star James Norton says finale 'goes against expectation'

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27 Jan 2023, 10:00

James Norton

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We have only have two episodes left until Happy Valley comes to an end and are still none the wiser about how the finale will pan out.

However, James Norton, who plays Tommy Lee Royce in the series, has teased what to expect and revealed the finale will go “against expectation”.

Speaking to BBC News, Norton explained he had been given a copy of the script first with star Sarah Lancashire and the pair had to keep it a secret until the rest of the cast also got to see it.

He said: “Everyone I've spoken to who has read it is like 'phew', It's just great. It's Sally [Wainwright, writer] letting rip in her wonderful way. Going against expectation, but also giving you what you want. I loved reading it."

Norton also added there would be a “melancholy tinge” to the finale and said it is “the end of a very significant chapter for everyone.”

James Norton as Tommy Lee Royce

Credit: BBC

The actor first joined Happy Valley as the formidable criminal Tommy in 2014 and received a BAFTA nod for his performance in the following year. He has also appeared in other major TV shows and films since, including Little Women, Black Mirror and McMafia.

Earlier this week, Amit Shah, who plays Faisal, revealed they had filmed multiple endings for the drama.

Speaking to the Obsessed with… Happy Valley podcast, the actor said: “I still don’t know how it all ends up for him because we filmed the final scenes in various different ways.

Sally [Wainwright, creator] was actually directing those. So it's quite open and we did different options, so I'm not entirely sure how he's gonna end up."

Whatever happens, it’s going to be explosive, especially after Sunday night’s cliffhanger!

Happy Valley continues Sunday 29th January at 9pm on BBC One.