Shotgun Wedding: Jennifer Lopez shares funny video Jennifer Coolidge left on her phone

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27 Jan 2023, 11:13

Shotgun Wedding stars: Jennifer Lopez shares funny video Jennifer Coolidge left on her phone

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We wish Jennifer Coolidge would leave video messages on our phones. Shotgun Wedding actor Jennifer Lopez found a surprise on her mobile after leaving it unattended and shared the hilarious clip with the world.

Lopez posted the brilliant video on Instagram after randomly finding it on her phone while the co-stars stayed in a hotel together ahead of their movie premiere.

Taken from Lopez's fancy hotel room, JLo captioned it: "Found this in my phone… #ShotgunWedding premieres TONIGHT on @PrimeVideo!!!! But only If you feel like laughing… JLo & JCo."

Jennifer Coolidge

Credit: Instagram

Coolidge can be seen looking shady and saying: "You know, it's weird, this isn't even my hotel room.

"This is JLo's hotel room." She continued: "Hey J-Lovers! I'm not J-Lo but I'm loving you J-Lovers. Her jewels are in here. I'm going to be in so much trouble. I'm totally f***ed.

"I want to find her lashes. She has these lashes that are like two inches long but you can't tell that they're fake and I want to find them," Coolidge laughed.

The candid video then cuts to a promo with both Lopez and Coolidge urging fans to watch their movie.

"Jen-uary 27th. It's like sometimes when I have a lot going on in January, I say Jen-uary, but now it's like Jen-uary, both of us." 

The film follows Lopez and Josh Duhamel embarking on a destination wedding... when the wedding party is taken hostage, and also includes Sonia Braga, Lenny Kravitz, Cheech Marin, D'arcy Carden and Selena Tan. 

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