Lorraine Kelly shares health update as she returns to TV after operation

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4 Jan 2023, 10:30

Lorraine Kelly

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Lorraine Kelly returned to TV on Tuesday morning and shared a health update after taking time off over the festive period.

The presenter spoke about an operation she had on her shoulder when she was joined by Dr Hilary Jones, who asked how her Christmas and New Year celebrations went.

She said: “I had the most quiet one ever! I did, I had a wee operation on my shoulder, it has been annoying me for ages.”

A picture of Lorraine with her arm in a sling then appeared on screen as she added: “There I am celebrating Christmas.

“Thank you to professor Levy and his team because oh my goodness me, keyhole surgery is incredible.”

Speaking more about the operation, she continued: "Just had to remove some calcification and a little bit of bone and yeah, I am doing my physio and I am all fine but we had a really quiet Christmas and new year.

"Rosie and Steve looked after me and then Rosie obviously takes after me in the cooking department, not,"

The pair then went on to talk about the latest weird health craze, which involved eating Christmas trees that people were getting rid of after the festive period.

Lorraine said: “Forget rocking around the Christmas tree, you might want to eat your tree. I can’t believe I’m saying this.”

However, Dr. Hillary strongly advised against this and said: “I think if you eat your Christmas tree, you’re likely to be going to A&E. Recycling is good and you can use pine needles for flavour but I wouldn’t think sitting munching them is a very good idea.”

Lorraine added about the strange trend: “I draw the line, I draw the line. Am I actually here or having a mad dream? It’s just mad!”

Lorraine airs on ITV weekdays at 9am.