Lord Alan Sugar reveals five Apprentice winners are now millionaires

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4 Jan 2023, 10:07

Lord Alan Sugar and The Apprentice cast 2023

Credit: BBC

Lord Alan Sugar has revealed that at least five winners of The Apprentice are now millionaires.

The business magnate has been the ‘Boss’ of the hit BBC series since it first broadcast in 2005 and has, so far, invested in 16 winners and their businesses over the years.

He has now revealed that at least five of those winners are now millionaires as a result of his help.

Speaking at the launch of the new season of The Apprentice yesterday (3rd January), Lord Sugar said: “What happens to the winners is their lives are changed. Now, let's be open about this, because not everyone succeeds. They're told at the beginning it’s £250,00. That's it, no more. All you're gonna get is my mentoring, my help, my assistance from my staff, but you run out money, you're done.

“Out of these candidates, I can name at least- well, I won't name them because it's not right to do that- at least five of them are now millionaires in their own right.”

The Apprentice will be returning to our screens on Thursday 5th January with a fresh batch of contestants who will be putting their entrepreneurial skills to the test to secure that all-important investment from Lord Sugar. You can find out all about the new contestants here.

Elsewhere during the launch of the new series, Lord Sugar spoke about his future on the show and how long he expects to be the ‘Boss’.

When asked if he will make it to the 20th anniversary, he said: “I have agreed to do two more series, which will bring me up to 19 and dependent on how well that is received…I'd be delighted to do a 20th. Bear in mind I've also done three Junior apprentices. So, I mean, in a way, you could argue that I've already done 20.”

He continued: “Whilst I have a big business myself, what I get out of this is starting, basically from scratch, with a business partner and motivating these young people. So, I think that this programme does a good service, to help motivate young people into business now and that's what brings me along.

“I enjoy doing it and if I didn't enjoy doing it, I wouldn’t be doing it.”

The Apprentice begins Thursday 5th January at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.