The Traitors’ Alex Gray opens up about 'emotionally draining' gameshow

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16 Dec 2022, 14:28

Alex Gray

Credit: BBC

The Traitors contestant Alex Gray became the latest victim in Thursday’s (15th December) episode and has revealed how “emotionally draining” the competition really is.

It was another episode full of secrets, intense discussion and dramatic roundtables and this time it was Alex who felt the wrath of The Traitors after she declined their offer to become their third member.

Even as a viewer, the psychological gameshow can be intense to watch, and Alex confirmed it was just as emotionally draining to be a part of.

Speaking exclusively to, she reflected on just how overwhelming the competition really was.

She said: “It's one of the most emotionally draining things I've ever done…probably more so because it's just different. It’s really long days of filming and it's not just the filming- even when the cameras are off, you're still playing the game because you're still with these people, and you're still keeping up whatever strategy you have. So, you're on pretty much 24/7.

“Then when you're back in your room by yourself, technically, that's downtime, but you can’t switch off because your brain is working so hard and you're like running through everything that happened in that day and in the previous days.”

She went on to admit she even had a list of people’s faces and their names, and she would “write down people’s characteristics” to try and figure out who was a Faithful and who was a Traitor.

Things were made even more intense for Alex when the group found out she was secretly in a relationship with Tom, anther contestant in the game. The pair had decided to keep their attachment from the other to give themselves a one up in the game.

Looking back on that explosive roundtable, Alex said she had blocked a lot of it out because the reaction was so unexpected.

She said: “You can tell by my face, I was obviously very shocked at the announcement and I don't really have much memory of what really happened. It was quite interesting watching it back.”

She added: “I can't remember who it was, but someone gave an analogy. They said to me, ‘Everyone reacted like you just run over their cat’. I thought, you hit the nail on the head. It was like the most dramatic reaction I think I've ever seen. I think naively before going into the game, we thought that people would be a bit like, ‘Oh, wow, you're together’ and obviously the reality was very different.

“But you have to understand that people's reactions were obviously overdramatized because they wanted it. It was like ‘Oh wow. Finally, we have someone who we can pinpoint to get murdered or get banished and that takes the heat off us now.’”

When asked if she regretted not taking up the Traitor’s offer to join them, Alex said it was a tough one.

She admitted: “I danced with regret this week. But at the time, when I made that decision, it was just a hard no. It’s like my logical brain was spelling out the M.O.N.E.Y. to me, it's like you can win this. But I just didn't have it in me. I really didn't.

“I couldn't go through what the traitors were doing. I think if I'd have been a traitor at the start, it would be very different but to have gone through so much at the beginning to then had to prove myself and like the emotional turmoil that it brought, which wasn't all shown on the edit, to then being placed in the position that I have to change my persona and personality again and lie to these people. I just couldn't.”

The Traitors continues 16th December at 9pm on BBC One and iPlayer.