Strictly’s Hamza Yassin says it would be 'dream come true' to win

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16 Dec 2022, 13:52

Hamza and Jowita

Credit: Rex

Strictly Come Dancing finalist Hamza Yassin said it would be a “dream come true” to win the competition.

The grand finale of the hit BBC one show takes place this weekend (17th December) and Hamza and his professional partner Jowita, are one of the favourites to lift the glitterball trophy.

Speaking at a press conference this week, the cameraman revealed how he would feel if he won the competition.

He said: “To me it will come down to sharing the stage with this absolutely amazing woman [Jowita] and knowing what she's been through in her life and what I’ve done in my lifetime, will just be a dream come true, an absolute dream come true. It will be like the icing on the cake.”

However, despite making the final, Hamza admitted he still doesn’t think he can dance and treats every week on the show like it’s his last.

He said: “We keep thinking every week, ‘this is the week that I go out. Yeah, this is definitely the one that I'm going to go out. And so might as well just give it our all.’”

Hamza added: “Each week is a new dance, and it feels like you're back in square one again, you're learning a different hold or a different feeling, and for some of it, you kind of have to act. So, confidence for me- I'm certainly out of my comfort zone.

“If you put me in front of a lion charging at me with a camera, I’m like, ‘Cool. I know what that's going to do. And I'm confident now.’ Whereas here, I'm in clothes that I would never normally wear, I'm doing stuff that I wouldn't normally do.

“So, for me, confidence is a tough thing.”

However, he did admit there was one time during the competition that he did feel confident in his abilities and that was dancing the salsa. He will be revisiting the dance this weekend as part of his judge’s choice routine.

Speaking about the dance, he said: “It's nice to do that particular number because everyone was talking about it and that's when I kind of figured out if I can get through that particular week, I might be able to go through to next week. That's probably the only time that I had a boost of confidence.”

Even though he still struggles with believing in his dancing abilities, Hamza did admit the experience has made him “happier and healthier”.

He added: “I've lost nearly 13 kilos of stone and a half. My feet are not achy anymore. I can say, we've seen body parts being defined and I feel so much happier, better and healthier. And I hope I can just keep it going will be amazing if I can.”

Strictly Come Dancing airs on 17th December on BBC One and iPlayer.