The Traitors: First look at episode 7 teases what is to come after cliffhanger

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13 Dec 2022, 11:53

The Traitors Episode 7 preview

Credit: BBC

The latest episode of The Traitors left viewers on the edge of their seat after another shocking cliffhanger.

Following another brutal roundtable, Traitor Alyssa was banished leaving the remaining Traitors- Will and Amanda, with a difficult decision.

They were given the choice to recruit another player or murder someone once again.

The pair decided they wanted to bring Alex over to the dark side and tonight’s episode will reveal whether she was tempted by their offer or stuck to being a faithful.

In the first look clip, we see Alex receiving a letter from the Traitor’s asking her to join them and the group’s reaction when they find out her decision.

We’re also given a sneak peak at the challenge for this episode as the group struggles in a river with what looks like giant barrels.

It also looks like we’re instore for another emotional roundtable as Amos decides there is someone who has yet to be challenged and in the following clip we see Rayan, Maddy and Andrea all reduced to tears.

The latest episode of series is set to air tonight (13th December) at 9pm on BBC One with the grand finale airing on Thursday, 22nd December on BBC One.

Hosted by Strictly Come Dancing’s Claudia Winkleman, The Traitors is an intense psychological game show which sees players, all strangers to each other, figure out who is genuine and who isn’t as they complete missions in the Scottish Highlands.

If the players can make it to the end without being banished or ‘murdered’ and manage to detect all the Traitors in time, they have the chance of taking home £120,000.

It’s had viewers hooked and host Claudia said she was just the same when she was watching it play out in real time.

Speaking to and other press, she said: “It is a game of smarts and it is a game like no other. I don't mean smarts as in ‘I've got four degrees’ It is not a game of luck, it is a game of wit. I've never seen anything like it anywhere.

“We didn't sleep a lot because all we did was watch the live stream from breakfast until [the contestants] went to bed.”

Talking about the finale, she added: “I haven’t recovered. We cry at the end, and I don’t cry- I’ve done 20 series of Strictly [Come Dancing]. By the end, I’m on the floor sobbing.”

The Traitors continues 13th December at 9pm on BBC One.