Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi actor Gary Friedkin dies aged 70

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13 Dec 2022, 11:48

Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi actor Gary Friedkin dies aged 70

Credit: Getty & Lucasfilm

There's sad news in the movie world. Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi actor Gary Friedkin, who played an Ewok in the 1983 film, has died at the age of 70.

Standing at 4ft tall, Friedkin also starred in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner and made his screen debut alongside Carrie Fisher and Chevy Chase in Under The Rainbow in 1981.

US newspaper Tribune Chronicle reported: “His legacy will live on as stories are told and retold for years to come by all who loved him," and called the actor 'a gift to all who knew him as an amazing son, brother, brother-in-law, uncle, great-uncle and friend'.

Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi actor Gary Friedkin

Credit: Lucasfilm

The publication added: “Gary lived his life to the absolute fullest, bringing endless laughs to his family and many friends, while never letting the obstacles he faced get in his way. Gary put countless smiles on people’s faces and left so many with their own special ‘Gary story.’”

The actor was an active member of Little People Of America - a not-for-profit organisation which provides 'support and information to people of short stature and their families'.

The star, who leaves behind his brother, sister-in-law, nephews and niece, died of Covid-19-related complications after a month in intensive care.

His family urged people to 'get vaccinated and boosted to protect their family and community'.

RIP, Gary.

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