Emmerdale viewers in tears over 'best scene ever' with Arthur and Nicola

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13 Dec 2022, 08:45

Alfie Clark as Arthur Thomas

Credit: ITV

Emmerdale fans have praised the soap’s actors and scriptwriters for what they are calling one of the best scenes ever during Monday’s (12th December) episode.

The scene centred around Arthur Thomas (Alfie Clark), who had been struggling with something he had been hiding over the last couple of episodes. His strange behaviour had been picked up by Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) and last night, he decided to open up to her.

Arthur asked her to play a round of Hangman and as the game progressed, his secret started to become clear.

His phrase read: “I Am Gay”.

Once Nicola worked it out, she completed the final letter and took his hand. Arthur broke down in her arms as she held him close, aware that this was the first time he had told anyone about his sexuality.

It was a very touching scene and one that resonated with a lot of viewers who took to social media to share their appreciation for such representation onscreen.

One person wrote: “Such a beautiful and tender moment 🥰 wish I had something like this when I was Arthur's age and struggling with my sexuality”.

Another said: “This was an absolutely beautiful scene I had tears rolling done my face, it so touching, and beautiful, Nicola and Arthur , played that scene to perfection, well done you were both 👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏and well done to script writers.”

A third tweeted: “Really choked me up. Such a tender brilliant scene.”

While a fourth said: “This is one of the best scenes on #Emmerdale ever!! ❤️ Beautifully done!”.

Others reflected on how it shows there is still change that needs to happen when it comes to LGBTQ+ acceptance and one person wrote: “Won't lie, I did cry.  The effect was heartfelt. It goes to show that "coming out" is still a very tough thing to do, and there is still a long way to go for acceptance.”

Another said: “Hopefully this will have started lots of conversations across the uk and the world. It’s good to talk”.