Eddy's Good News: How you can be a ghostbuster and a new pupdate!

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25 Oct 2022, 09:03

Credit: Vacasa Rentals

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Credit: Vacasa Rentals

Tuesday 25th October 2022

Ghostly good news from the USA where you can spend your Halloween dressed as a Ghostbuster, with all their gadgets, in a perfect replica of their headquarters!

Say hello to a beautifully restored and themed firehouse in Portland Oregon, where they’ve managed to perfectly replicate the famous Ghostbusters HQ in New York, with the iconic double doors on the ground floor. It’s got three floors, two bedrooms, a full kitchen, a dark room and all the ghoulish gadgets you could ever wish for: Ghost Traps, a P.K.E. Meter, Proton Packs, Aura Video-Analyzer, and even an Ecto-Containment Unit are available throughout the hilarious Halloween venue.

Before you ask, yes, of course the kitchen is stocked with Stay Puft marshmallows and cheesy crackers and at a time when everything has become ludicrously expensive, they’ve rolled the prices back to the 1980s when Ghostbusters came out, it’s $19.84 per night to stay :) (Of course it is :)

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Credit: Twitter @radiomelO

A news pupdate from here in the UK as a cute terrier is saved after getting stuck in a mineshaft for 26 hours!

Say hello to Ben Weston and his terrier, Suka, who, last Sunday, disappeared while on a walk near St. Ives. There are lots of old tin mines there as anyone who’s walked in that area knows, so Ben trod carefully as he looked for Suka and he eventually heard her whimpering from the bottom of what turned out to be a fifty foot deep shaft. The fire brigade were called and local volunteer rescuers called Carbis Bay Crew, group of cave-divers, mine explorers and climbers, turned up five minutes later.

Unfortunately Suka was very quiet, so the fire brigade left the scene because they couldn’t find “proof of life” which they needed to justify a rescue operation. But the Carbis Bay Crew heard Suka’s whines and set about doing their thing. Not an easy task given the beams at the top of the mineshaft were rotten and couldn’t safely support a climber. But this is what they do and they do it so well. Suka was duly reached, scooped up, hoisted out and reunited with her loving owners after 26 hours. See the video taken by the rescuers here on the link above.

Via: Youtube.com