Katherine Ryan announces she's pregnant with third child!

Virgin Radio

21 Jul 2022, 14:08

Congratulations are in order!

The comedian announced that she was pregnant for a third time on a recent episode of her excellent Telling Everybody Everything podcast. She sometimes reads out things that have been written about her in the media on said podcast, so we just want to say, 'HIYA KATHERINE!'

It will be her second child with civil partner Bobby Kootstra. The Canadian gave birth to Fred last year. She also has a 13-year-old daughter Violet, from a previous relationship.

Turns out that Catherine - whose behind the scenes comedy series, Backstage with Katherine Ryan is streaming on Prime now - was actually breastfeeding Fred when she found out she was pregnant again.

"So one day I'm walking around and I feel, you know, damp. And I felt a little more attractive than usual. I thought, well, let's wait and see, let's track all the things," she said, literally telling people everything.

Apparently, she "forgot about trying" while out on tour, but sharp pains soon caught her attention.

She continued; "I thought maybe I'm getting my period. And I didn't expect to get a period this month as I could because these things have to even themselves out after your first period when you're breastfeeding. Soon after, days later I had a positive pregnancy test."

The creator-star of Netflix's The Duchess, said that she and former American football player Bobby, had been trying to conceive as a reaction to her age.

"I thought, 'We've got to get the kids out of the way'. You never know how long you're gonna have and I love my kids. I just thought, 'Well let's go for it'.

"You should never tell people your due date," she added. "If you never tell them, they can never start hassling you around that time."

Earlier this month, the comedian confirmed she was teaming up with Joe Wilkinson for a brand new travel show on Channel 4.

Congratulations once again Katherine and Bobby!