Neighbours star Guy Pearce says returning to soap for the finale was a ‘little weird’

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21 Jul 2022, 10:56

As the Neighbours finale approaches, one of the stars, Guy Pearce has reflected on his return.

He starred as Mike Young on Neighbours for three years, starting in 1986.

The actor has revealed that returning to Ramsay Street for the finale has been ‘weird’.

He's not the only cast member to return, the likes of Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan are making an appearance for the final too.

Guy has every sympathy for the long-running cast members as the show comes to an end: ‘I haven’t been here for these past years like other cast members so I’m really aware how it is for them, suddenly finishing up,’ he told The Herald-Sun.

‘I understand how that must feel. It is weird, but even coming back is kind of weird.’

‘Who is Mike now, how do I play this guy? I had to trawl through my memory bank to understand how I might actually play him,’ said the handsome fan favourite. 

He also revealed that producers had kept his character’s old motorbike gloves.

Guy said the gesture was a big help getting back into character.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Guy’s Mike will be at the centre of one of the storylines.

It will feature an old flame, Jane Harris, played by Annie Jones.

They return to Ramsey Street for the wedding of Toadie Rebecchi, played by Ryan Moloney, and Melanie Pearson, played by Lucinda Cowden.

Soon old feelings return to the surface.

Guy filmed final scenes with his co-stars Ian Smith, who played Harold Bishop, and Peter O’Brien.

You can watch the Neighbours finale on July 28.