Mrs Hinch fans rave about 44p hack that removes permanent marker stains

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16 May 2022, 11:01

(L-R) Mrs Hinch, cleaning materials

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Mrs Hinch is definitely the go-to for reliable and affordable cleaning hacks, and her loyal fanbase are the next best thing. 

Fans of the queen of clean follow every tip and trick going on her social media pages, but it’s not just Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, who has the best advice. 

Followers of the clean-influencer have started their own Facebook Page - Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips - where they share their discoveries, and this latest one is definitely worth trying next time you get some pen where it doesn’t belong!

As reported by The Express, one fan commented on the FB page: “My little boy has drawn all over my mum’s wall with permanent marker. Is there anything that can get this out?”

The plea came with a video showing the true extent of the mess, but their fellow Hinch fans came to the rescue. 

The main tip to come out of the comments? Bring out the mayonnaise!

A row of permanent markers

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One member wrote: “Try mayonnaise,” while another commented: “Mayonnaise will do the trick.”

Going into more detail, a third fan explained: “I’ve been in your situation before and tried the mayonnaise trick.  Bought the cheapest one I could find, 44p from Asda, and it was game-changing.

“Wouldn’t recommend using it all the time but it definitely works well.”

The reason mayonnaise works so well is because of its oil and vinegar content, which helps to get right to the root of the stain. 

The Hinch hive also recommended placing the mayonnaise onto the state and lightly rubbing it in before leaving for a few minutes. 

Then, carefully remove with kitchen roll, and voila! Your stain should be at thing of the past!

Mrs Hinch fans are certainly busy helping each other out with some incredible cleaning hacks. 

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