People lose the plot as 'Adam Sandler' performs Moldova's Eurovision song

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16 May 2022, 11:09

Credit: Getty / BBC

Eurovision or blurred vision? Viewers of the extravaganza were left in stitches as they were convinced Moldova's musical entry was none other than Hollywood's Adam Sandler.

Fans went wild for 'Adam Sandler in disguise' which was actually led by Zdob şi Zdub & Advahov Brothers singing Trenuleţul. Or was it?

Hoards of viewers jumped on social media to share their excellent theory.

Credit: BBC

One person wrote: "This guy is like a mix between Adam Sandler and Jake Peralta from Brooklyn 99."

Another added: "Are we sure the lead singer of Moldova isn't just Adam Sandler in disguise?"

A third tweeted: "Didn't know Adam Sandler was from Moldova and was also participating in Eurovision."

One fan penned: "Moldova makes me think Adam Sandler is trying to do an Ali G impersonation."

Adam Sandler, aka The Moldovans, scored 253 points and finished in seventh place.

The president of Moldova tweeted: "Congratulations to @zdobsizdub & #FratiiAdvahov for the excellent result at #Eurovision! You brought the party to the stage & rocked #ESC2022. Proud of #Moldova."