Phillip Schofield shares a dapper selfie with Tom Cruise at Platinum Jubilee Celebration

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16 May 2022, 09:10

(L-R) Phillip Schofield, Tom Cruise

Credit: Rex

ITV royalty met Hollywood royalty while celebrating actual royalty!

Phillip Schofield did what we all would’ve done if we ever met Tom Cruise, and that was immediately ask for a selfie. 

The This Morning icon was hosting the star-studded Platinum Jubilee Celebration with Julie Etchingham in honour of the Queen’s 70 years on the throne. 

The Top Gun actor was one of numerous celebs presenting one of the four acts which took place during the broadcast, which aired on ITV on Sunday (15th May). 

Not letting the chance slip away, Phil made sure to grab a dapper photo with Tom ahead of the event, and had to share the handsome picture with fans on Instagram. 

In the smart snap, Phillip and Tom look almost James Bond-esque with their bow ties, and while Tom flashes that famous smile, the presenter took a more smouldering approach. 

Phillip captioned the photo: “Just checking our tuxedos before the show .. as you do!! @tomcruise #platinumjubilee #topgunmaverick."

When asked why he wanted to take part in the historic royal event during the show, Tom replied: “Well, how can you, I was just very honoured… She's just a woman that I greatly admire, I think she's someone who has tremendous dignity and I admire her devotion.

"What she has accomplished has been historic and I just remember always as a kid seeing photos of her, I travelled a lot as a kid and I came to England, started making movies here in 1982.

"I love the history, I just have great respect for her, so when they asked, I instantly said: 'It would be my honour to be here.’”

Meanwhile, Helen Mirren shocked audiences with her incredible transformation to play Queen Elizabeth I during the show.

The star-studded display means Helen is the first person to play both Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II on screen. 

Omid Djalili played narrator The Herald, which took viewers through the history of the royal family.

Elizabeth I’s Tilbury Speech and the Gunpowder Plot were part of the acts with Helen, and designed to celebrate the Commonwealth and the four nations of the UK.