People can't believe what’s on the menu at Burger King in Germany

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16 May 2022, 08:36

A Burger King sign and two burgers as part of the Pregnancy Whopper range.

Credit: Getty / YouTube / BURGER KING Deutschland

Burger King in Germany has come up with some surprising food combinations to go between their buns and, while many of us might consider them very odd, there is a good reason behind them.

The fast-food chain’s new offerings include cucumber and jam, fish sticks and applesauce, and curry sausage and fried herring, as well as vanilla ice cream with eggs. Or how about pancake, fresh raspberries, ice cream, regular cream… and beef?

We don’t know about you, but we’re not desperate to try any of them if we’re being honest! Our Gaby Roslin and Tim Cocker were up for the challenge though...

One person wrote on Twitter: "What on earth?"

Another added: "Please tell me this isn’t real."

Well, it is real... kind of. These new combos haven’t been created to make us feel unwell, but rather they form a special menu for pregnant women. When Burger King Germany polled over 1,000 women in advance of their Mother’s Day on Sunday, 8th May, it discovered that 58 percent of women have cravings during pregnancy, and 76 percent of expectant mums said they find it impossible to say no to their odd pregnancy cravings.

Klaus Schmäing, director of marketing at Burger King Deutschland GmbH said: “Our survey among pregnant women and mothers clearly indicates that pregnancy cravings are not just a myth. These cravings are as real as pregnant women’s desire for special food combinations.” 

This, therefore, caused Burger King to turn the most popular pregnancy cravings into “Pregnancy Whoppers”.

Apparently, “expectant moms have enthusiastically tried them.” 

However, if you are either pregnant or just have a very strange taste in food and fancy trying one of these new burgers, then you’re out of luck. They were only available at one Burger King restaurant in Berlin on their Mother’s Day. Which, let’s be honest, is probably for the best! 

Remember the brilliant "Royale with Cheese" scene in Pulp Fiction where John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson’s characters are talking about how McDonald’s in France is different from the US? Well, we wonder what they would have made of some of these offerings from Burger King in Germany. That is a scene we would have loved to witness!