Ross Kemp says he took inspiration from Bruce Forsyth for his first quiz show

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14 Mar 2022, 10:33

Credit: Rex

Credit: Rex

Most people will probably know Ross Kemp for playing the infamous Eastenders brother, Grant Mitchell, and for the string of dangerous documentaries he made following that.

Well, now, the TV star is doing something he has never done before.

Ross Kemp will be the host of a brand-new quiz show, Bridge Of Lies, which will air on BBC One weekdays from 4:30pm.

It will be the first time Kemp has taken on something like this, and to prepare, he has been watching some quiz host icons- including the late Bruce Forsyth.

In an interview for OK!, the TV star revealed: “I watched lots of current quiz show hosts, like Alexander Armstrong and Bradley Walsh, as well as some icons like Brucie [Bruce Forsyth] during my research, and my main takeaway from that was: if you want to be successful in this role, you’ve just got to be yourself.”

Bridge Of Lies sees contestants compete for money by crossing a bridge made of stepping stones on the studio floor. The players must get across the bridge safely by stepping on the ‘truths’ stones and avoiding the ‘lies’ stones after answering questions asked by Ross.

Ross said the physical aspect of the quiz show is what made it an interesting watch for him.

He said: “The contestants are not just standing behind a podium answering questions; they have to physically make their way across the bridge, and that’s no easy feat. We also get to watch contestants reacting to how their fellow team members play the game.

We see inside the various group dynamics and get an insight into how these people interact with each other. It can all get a little bit soapy actually.”

When asked why he wanted to do something so different from what he was used to, Ross said he wanted a challenge.

He added: “Mainly for that reason: the fact I’ve never done it before. It was a challenge. As soon as I read the treatment for Bridge of Lies, I could visualise it coming to life. It all made total sense straight away, and that was really exciting for me.”

Bridge of Lies begins Monday, March 14 on BBC1 and BBC iPlayer at 4.30pm and will air five days a week Monday to Friday.