People are finding today’s Wordle "extremely hard”

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1 Mar 2022, 12:30

Credit: Getty

Credit: Getty

Taking a few minutes out of the day to play Wordle is fun, isn't it? It offers a nice distraction from our daily tasks and leaves us feeling quite clever when those five lovely green tiles reveal that we’ve got the answer correct

However, sometimes we find ourselves spending far too much time staring frustratedly at our screens, looking at the letters we’ve got right and at the ones that are left, with absolutely no idea how we can possibly make a word out of them.

Today (March 1st) is proving to be one of those days for many people. 

If you have yet to play today’s Wordle (number 255), then don’t worry, we’re not going to spoil it by revealing the answer, but players have taken to social media to share their frustration.  

Comedian and writer Mark Watson wrote: “Not everyone’s going to love this Wordle. Look after yourself out there.”

A commenter agreed, saying: “That was difficult to wake up to. Coupled with a tube strike, it’s not gonna be an easy day for Londoners. Stay strong.”

Another person said: “Nasty one today! I was ripping my hair out!.”

One person, who worked it out in five attempts, wrote: “I thought that one was extremely hard!”

However, some people were more positive about the challenge. One Twitter user wrote: “I learned a new word today. My five letter word vocabulary keeps expanding. #OldDogNewTricks”  

Another Wordle player, who got it in five, agreed, saying: “This one took good solid hard work. It’s a 5, but it’s a proud 5.”

If you’ve never played Wordle, it’s a guessing game in which a player tries to figure out a five-letter word in six tries or fewer. Players are given clues along the way in the form of coloured squares (green if a letter is in the target word and in the right place, yellow if it’s in the target word but in the wrong place, and grey if it’s not in the word at all). When all of the letters show up as green, the word has been correctly guessed.

There is one new Wordle a day.

The game was created by Josh Wardle, who is a software engineer based in Brooklyn, and has recently been taken over by The New York Times.