Benedict Cumberbatch pays tribute to late sister during heartwarming Hollywood Walk Of Fame speech

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1 Mar 2022, 09:47

Credit: Getty

Credit: Getty

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Benedict Cumberbatch accepted his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. 

The Oscar nominee stood at the coveted podium on Monday (February 29th), and took the time to honour his late sister Tracy Peacock, who passed away from cancer last year. 

During this heartfelt speech, Benedict said: “I want to mention my sister who we lost last year. She would have loved this. 

“She was unbelievably loyal, supportive, and she would have loved the glitz and the oddness and the glamour. She would have just been laughing nonstop all the way through, and probably crying.

“I hope somewhere up there, where the real stars shine, you’re looking down on this moment now. I’m sure you are. We miss you so much. You remain such a good and wonderful person to have had in our lives.”

The actor was joined by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and Star Trek director J.J. Abrams. 

His The Power Of The Dog co-star Kodi Smit-McPhee was also on hand to support him, and when taking photos together, Benedict jokingly invited him to ‘step on me’. 

Benedict then turned his attention to the current crisis in Ukraine, and urged people to help in any way they can. 

He added: “We can’t stand back anymore. This is no longer a time for avarice or sloth or inactiveness or ineptitude. We need to act, and there are things you can do. 

“You can support organisations. You can support those who help refugees on the ground. You can support human rights organisations. 

“You can pressure your politicians, your bank, your industries to recognize anything that you can do to help. It is possible, so I urge people to do that on this day.”

Benedict is currently making waves across award season following his starring role in The Power Of The Dog. 

He’s currently up for three acting prizes, including the Oscar, BAFTA and Critics Choice Award. 

In terms of the Academy Awards, The Power Of The Dog was by far the most nominated, ending up with an astounding 12 nominations, including Best Picture.