Brits vote for the historical figure they’d most like to invite for dinner

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28 Oct 2021, 15:03

Credit: Pete Still/Redferns/Getty

Credit: Pete Still/Redferns/Getty

If you could have any historical figure round to your house for a dinner party, who would you bring back to life? 

As part of their Day of the Dead celebrations, Mexican restaurant Wahaca has been asking that exact question to Brits, and the results make for interesting reading. In a poll of the British public, as reported by the Express, the most popular guest who is no longer with us is actor Robin Williams. He received 26 percent of the vote.

Second in the poll of who Brits would want to have dinner with, and just one percent behind Robin, is Princess Diana. 

In third is Albert Einstein, and the top five is completed by two icons of music. Queen frontman Freddie Mercury just about pips The King, Elvis Presley, as the musical artist Brits most want to have a chat with over dinner. 

We reckon that top five would make for a pretty decent dinner party!

Next on the list is Marilyn Monroe, followed by Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela. Bruce Lee and Walt Disney make up the rest of the top ten. Elsewhere, Martin Luther King Jr, David Bowie and Muhammad Ali all received 12 percent of the votes. 

Anne Frank, Bob Marley, Stephen Hawking, Dame Barbara Windsor and Whitney Houston all scored 11 percent of the overall votes, which is one percent more than John Lennon and Abraham Lincoln. 

Further down the list come William Shakespeare, Patrick Swayze, Neil Armstrong, Rosa Parks and Leonardo da Vinci, all of whom received 9 percent.

Meanwhile, JRR Tolkien, Kurt Cobain, Steve Irwin, George Michael and Heath Ledger complete the top 30.

Here are the full Top 30 dinner guests as voted for by the great British public. How many of these would make the cut of your fantasy dinner party?

  • Robin Williams  26%

  • Princess Diana  25%

  • Albert Einstein  21%

  • Freddie Mercury 18%

  • Elvis Presley  16%

  • Marilyn Monroe 16%

  • Winston Churchill 15%

  • Nelson Mandela 13%

  • Bruce Lee  13%

  • Walt Disney  12%

  • Martin Luther King Jr 12%

  • David Bowie  12%

  • Muhammad Ali  12%

  • Anne Frank  11%

  • Bob Marley  11%

  • Stephen Hawking 11%

  • Dame Barbara Windsor 11%

  • Whitney Houston 11%

  • John Lennon  10%

  • Abraham Lincoln 10%

  • William Shakespeare 9%

  • Patrick Swayze  9%

  • Neil Armstrong  9%

  • Rosa Parks  9%

  • Leonardo da Vinci 9%

  • JRR Tolkien  8%

  • Kurt Cobain  8%

  • Steve Irwin  8%

  • George Michael 8%

  • Heath Ledger  8%