Fans of The Repair Shop in tears as customer’s late father’s musical instrument is fixed

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28 Oct 2021, 12:45

Credit: BBC

Credit: BBC

When The Repair Shop first appeared on our screens, who knew that watching it would be such a regularly emotional experience? There have been so many tear-inducing episodes, and this week was no exception.

Customer Sima Oskoui brought in her late father’s Persian musical instrument, known as a tar, to see what the gang could do to fix it.  

A tar is a long necked lute from Iran, and presenter Jay Blades and guitar doctor Julyan Wallis were seriously impressed by the instrument. “Jules have you ever seen anything like this?” Jay asked. “Because I’ve never.”

Julyan said: “Genuinely I’ve never in my 30 years of doing this have never met a tar before, so it’s a nice first for me,” 

However, whilst the duo enjoyed seeing the tar, they weren’t so sure what they could do to fix it up. Julyan, however, came up trumps, and the big reveal showed the instrument looking good as new. Sima was overwhelmed at the result, and even more so when a song was played on it.  

And Sima wasn’t the only person feeling emotional, as Repair Shop fans took to social media to discuss the show, which also saw Jay and the other experts restore a barbershop seat and a Victorian rocking horse. 

One person wrote on Twitter: “I caught the last 10 mins of The Repair Shop tonight and I am totally wrecked emotionally. Bawled my eyes out.”

Someone else wrote: “Ah, @TheRepairShop, making me cry over leather, hydraulics, and old stringed instruments from Iran. Finest programme on tv.”

Another used a gif to express how they were feeling: 

Meanwhile, a commenter wrote: “The best part was the musical Tar for me, the lady’s face when the guy played it was brilliant”

Somebody added: “The Tar! It’s incredible the amount of times a musical instrument evokes such visceral connection with the past and the people in it. Beautiful story."

The Repair Show is on Wednesdays at 8pm on BBC One. You can watch last night’s episode here.