Kate Garraway says she hopes her husband Derek Draper can attend the NTAs with her

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17 Aug 2021, 14:51

Kate Garraway. Photo credit: Getty Images

Kate Garraway. Photo credit: Getty Images

Good Morning Britain’s Kate Garraway has revealed that she is hoping her husband Derek Draper can attend the National Television Awards next month, after their documentary about his ongoing battle with Covid-19 was nominated.

Derek is considered to be the UK's longest-suffering Covid-19 patient, requiring round-the-clock care as he recovers at his family home. The documentary, which was aired in March, is up for Best Documentary at the awards.

On this morning’s show (17th August), Kate’s co-host Charlotte Hawkins said: “Congratulations to you because your authored documentary Kate Garraway: Finding Derek has been shortlisted for a National Television Award, and very well deserved.”

A clearly, and understandably, emotional Kate responded, saying: “I didn't know until I read the papers this morning. So, it’s wonderful. It's wonderful for the production company and for Derek.”

Speaking about the upcoming 26th National Television Awards, she continued: “I was just thinking. I was just looking, and the ceremony... is it the 9th of September? I was just thinking, wouldn't it be wonderful if Derek was well enough to come? Wouldn't it be wonderful?”

Kate added: “I was trying to look at the dates and work out the logistics of how that might work.”

When considering whether she thought her documentary would win an award, the presenter said, “There's some brilliant people in the category, there's some brilliant documentaries, I don't think for the moment we'll win. But it would be lovely for him to be there. I’ll start planning how that might work.” 

Former lobbyist Derek was finally able to be released from the hospital in March this year, after he was first diagnosed at the start of the pandemic in March 2020. He suffered kidney failure, liver and pancreatic damage. He also battled bacterial pneumonia and his heart stopped beating on more than one occasion.

His recovery continues at his London home, where he lives with Kate and their two children.

The 26th National Television Awards take place in London on 9th September.