Banksy confirms he is behind new artworks in ‘A Great British Spraycation’

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16 Aug 2021, 09:01

Picture credit: Getty Images

Picture credit: Getty Images

When a bunch of witty and inventive new artworks popped up around East Anglia over the past few weeks, everything pointed to them coming from the spray can of the world’s most famous pseudonymous street artist, Banksy. The secretive stencilist, however, didn’t initially claim responsibility for the work. But now he has.

In a three-minute video on his Instagram account, entitled A Great British Spraycation, the street artist proved the work, which showed up in Lowestoft, Oulton Broad, Great Yarmouth, Gorleston, and Cromer, was indeed created by his mysterious hand.

The video also showed some cheeky art that wasn’t initially spotted in news reports. Banksy added an ice-cream and a tongue to a statue, to give it a real summer vibe.

Along with documenting the artist creating other works in plain sight around East Anglia, the video offers interviews with locals about the end results. In keeping with Banksy's cheekiness, the video chooses to show vox pops which aren’t at all complimentary of his work.

One lady said that an artwork “looks like mindless vandalism,” while another said that a thatched cottage model that Banksy snuck amongst existing exhibits at Merrivale Model Village in Great Yarmouth, “looks a lot better from far away than it does when you get this close”.

Commenters on his Instagram account, which has an amazing 11.1 million followers, were rather more positive about the new works of street art. One said that Banksy was “making the world a better place.”

Someone else said, “Thank you for putting Great Yarmouth on the map, this is truly amazing.”

Another Instagram user left a beautiful comment about Banksy’s mural above a bus stop in Yarmouth, saying that it “made me cry, it was so personal to me. My daddy grew up in the 40s on that road.” The commenter added, “he just passed away. I’ve followed you a long time and bringing my 11-year-old to see her first Banksys and watching her form her own opinions as a young eco, environmentalist political activist has been memories made.”

We wonder where Banksy will crop up next!