Oh no! A TikTok ‘Time Traveller’ reckons it’s not coming home after all

Virgin Radio

9 Jul 2021, 16:03

Prepare yourself for some terrible news because, while we dream of European glory for the Three Lions on Sunday night, a self-proclaimed “time traveller” has shared a video which shows England losing 2-1 to Italy in the Euro 2020 final.

All the way back on June 18th, the same day that Gareth Southgate’s men played Scotland in the group stages of the competition, TikTok user @nsh.official posted a clip purportedly showing the Italian players celebrating winning the final against England. In the video, a TV graphic displays a 2-1 result, with Barella opening the scoring in the 31st minute, Mason Mount equalising in the 48th minute, and Chiesa grabbing the winner in the 77th minute.

In the clip from three weeks ago, which has been viewed 6.6 million times, @nsh.official writes, “Italy just beat England the Euro 2020 final. I'm a time traveller.” 

In another video, they also apparently predicted that England would thrash Ukraine 4-0. 

Some TikTok users have been left in awe. One said, “Bro this is now impressive,” 

Another added, “This man actually is from the future.”

Elsewhere, someone said, “Okay, so I saw this at the start of the tournament, now I'm slightly scared.”

Before we start to get too worried that this person is actually the real-life Biff from Back to the Future Part II (in that he goes into the future, finds out sports results and then everything goes horribly wrong for everyone), other commenters have spotted problems with the video which apparently shows Italy winning the tournament. 

One person noticed that the stadium in the video didn’t appear to be Wembley, saying, “the seats at Wembley are red not blue.”

Other users have suggested that a number of videos, detailing several possible outcomes, were possibly made and shared privately, with only the correct ones being made public. This would explain the video that predicts the 4-0 win against Ukraine.

So maybe we shouldn’t be too concerned about this vision from the future after all? Time will tell! 

Enjoy the game on Sunday and, if Italy do end up winning 2-1, then at least we can console ourselves with the knowledge that time travel is, in fact, possible!