Shopper causes confusion on the internet when asking for shoe advice

Virgin Radio

9 Jul 2021, 14:46

It’s often a good idea to get a second opinion when buying items of clothing, isn’t it? It can be helpful to get a second opinion on what looks good and what doesn’t, or which style best suits. However, a woman caused utter bewilderment recently when she took to Facebook to ask for some assistance in choosing a pair of shoes.

Posting a picture of one left shoe and one right shoe on the social media site, she asked her fellow Facebook users which they thought was best. 

She wrote, “This seems like a ridiculous dilemma but which would you keep? The only difference is the material but one pair is almost £10 more! I don't know why I'm finding it so difficult.”

That all seems fair enough, doesn’t it? Why not gauge opinion, especially when there is a price difference? It’s surely the sensible thing to do. The thing is though, that in the picture the two shoes look exactly the same! It’s like she posted a picture of an actual pair of shoes and asked which one is nicer.

Here is the picture that she posted on Facebook.

Understandably, commenters were utterly bewildered. One said, “I can't see a difference.”

Another said, “They both look the same.”

Elsewhere in the comments, someone else called them, “identical.”

Despite alluding to the fact that they are made from different materials, the shopper didn’t give any clue as to what those materials were. Is one of them suede, perhaps? Nor did she say whether one was more comfortable than the other. 

If there is literally no difference in the shoes other than price, then why not just save a tenner and go for the cheaper ones? 

We’ll probably never know which shoes she opts for, but we think we’re safe in predicting that she will keep the boohoo ones that are black, with an open back and crossover straps!