The Teletubbies receive their Covid-19 vaccinations, the internet asks questions

Virgin Radio

9 Jul 2021, 11:38

As the Covid-19 vaccine rollout continues across the UK, news has hit social media that the Teletubbies have been successfully jabbed and that they are ready for a ‘Tubby hot summer’.

All four residents of The Tubbytronic Superdome have twice said “Eh-oh” to the vaccine, with Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po announcing on Twitter that they have all received both jabs, and that they are ready to “come out and play”.

The iconic quartet posted photos of their vaccination cards, confirming that they have been given the lesser-known Noo-nson jab at the Home Dome Clinic, with the caption, “We’re all vaxxed!”

Whilst it is obviously excellent news that much-loved kids’ characters have received their protection against Covid-19, their Twitter post has unsurprisingly prompted a few questions.  

One commenter was baffled by the dates of birth on their vaccination cards, saying that, “All the four main Teletubbies were all born on February 20, 2003, despite the show first airing in 1997.”

Another commenter added to the intrigue, by suggesting that the Teletubbies might just be far older than we imagined, asking, “Who said anything about the ‘03 being 2003?”

Somebody else asked, “Why are the teletubbies born on the same day?”

Elsewhere, someone was confused about the patient numbers on their cards, which start at 93752, saying, “Wait, so you're telling me that THERE ARE AT LEAST 93751 OTHER TELETUBBIES/PEOPLE within the Teletubby universe???”

Someone else questioned the date of their second jab, asking the reasonable question, “How can you say you are fully vaxxed when your cards say 2nd dose is on July 22?”

Amongst all of these queries though, nobody seemed to be asking the big question, which is has Noo-noo been vaccinated as well? Well, thankfully a later post confirmed that the vacuum cleaner has indeed been jabbed. Phew!

In the UK, approximately 45 million adults have now been given their first jab, while around 35 million people (plus four Teletubbies and a vacuum cleaner) are fully vaccinated.