Want something fancy for Easter? Waitrose have created lifelike chocolate pomegranates

Virgin Radio

17 Mar 2021, 15:56

If a fondant-filled egg just isn't cutting it this year, get yourself to Waitrose to try something new. 

As a part of their Easter range for 2021, they've made unbelievably realistic chocolate pomegranates. 

It's a showstopper of an Easter treat, blending caramelised white chocolate and fragrant pomegranate. It doesn't count as one of your five a day though, sorry. It'll set you back £3, but they're beautiful.

They've also brought back a white chocolate spring lemon, that was hugely popular last year for those that like a bit of zest. 

We've seen some weird and wonderful flavour combos for hot cross buns lately, including pizza flavour and cheese and marmite. How about coffee flavour?

Try Heston's Mocha Coffee hot cross buns, at £1.70 for a pack of four. They're made from rich brioche dough with dates, chunks of chocolate, plump sultanas and coffee. Absolute mouth-watering bliss.

Anni Ludhra-Gent, Waitrose Seasonal Brand Manager says “We are all in need of things to celebrate and look forward to in the coming months - with Easter being the event we’re all hoping will put a spring back in our step!

“With hot cross buns from Heston Blumenthal, chocolate pomegranates and cute bumblebee decorations, we’ve got plenty of playful products to put a smile on our customers’ faces.”