Asda now have giant jars of Biscoff spread

Virgin Radio

11 Mar 2021, 17:05

If you love Biscoff spread but your only complaint has been that there isn't enough of it - get yourself to Asda sharpish!

The jar contains of Lotus Biscoff spread weighs in at 750g.

That should be more than enough for you to melt on pancakes, use in your cooking, or how about adding some to your baked oats? They're the latest breakfast trend everyone is loving.

The brains behind Biscoff explain: "There is nothing worse than opening the cupboard to be met with a jar of your favourite spread almost-empty with nothing but sad dregs remaining," 

"Lotus Bakeries understands your pain and has launched giant jars of Lotus Biscoff Smooth Spread to save the day! Self-respecting superfans of Lotus Biscoff will never be caught short again thanks to the new generous jars of biscuit heaven.

"Whether you add it to 'instagrammable' smoothie bowls, slather it on toast, swirl it into banana bread or use it to test the latest Tik Tok trends, you can never have enough Lotus Biscoff Spread in your life (or cupboard)!"

For comparison,  the spread usually comes in jars of 380-400g, so that just shows how much you're getting in comparison.

You'll have to head to Asda though as it's an exclusive there for £3.50.

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