Voices On Hendrix

Virgin Radio

4 Oct 2020, 21:00

50 years ago we lost one of the most influential guitarists in the history of rock music - Jimi Hendrix.

Despite being American, Hendrix was inextricably connected to England. Managed by Chas Chandler of the Animals, he was also befriended and supported by Eric Clapton and spent most of his twenties living in London.

Although he was part of the Psychedelic scene of the late 1960s, his song-writing and guitar playing was heavily influenced by the Blues.

Voices on Hendrix stands as a tribute to this extraordinary talent from just a few of the musicians he's influenced including Andrew RoachfordJohnny Marr, Roland Orzabal from Tears for Fears, Roxy Music's Andy MacKay and Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen.

Here are Scott Gorham from Thin Lizzy's thoughts about Hendrix and the huge impact he had on the music industry:


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