Jared Leto on Thirty Seconds to Mars' incredible VMAs performance and a new UK tour

Virgin Radio

7 Sep 2017, 15:13

Thirty Seconds to Mars superstar Jared Leto joined Kate Lawler and revealed how the band pulled off their amazing performance at the VMAs - while promising a UK tour in the near future.

The band's new single, and this Virgin Radio's Record of the Week. The song is also the first music the band have released in four years and the last time they toured the UK was in 2015.

Leto, who has also forged a hugely successful acting career in films like and , revealed that at the MTV Video Music Awards Thirty Seconds to Mars used "military technology" as "our heat signal was captured rather than using lights" meaning they had to perform in total darkness.

He said "you could see a little bit from people's cell phone lights and just the general hum of light in the room but it was pretty dark" and added "I think it was one of the most exciting nights of our lives as far as performances go."

He also revealed that he has "a feeling we’re going to be announcing some tour dates in the UK not so long from now. I think it’s inevitable we shall return, the return of Mars in the UK. It’s been too long, we’ve missed you guys over here.”

Leto explained that he's still debating the next album's name but he does have a potential name which is "a bit, shall we say, controversial, a bit polarising, a bit provocative, depending on your perspective."

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