Noel Gallagher reveals old rival Damon Albarn almost appeared on his upcoming album

Virgin Radio

26 Apr 2017, 12:50

Noel Gallagher has revealed that former Blur singer Damon Albarn almost appeared on his latest solo album.

Gallagher told Vulture that the pair, who were arch-rivals in the mid-90s at the height of the Oasis-Blur feud, came within an ace of collaborating.

The Mancunian warbler said: "Albarn was supposed to play on my new record, but at the time I was recording, he was finishing the Gorillaz record and didn’t have the time.

“Hopefully next time. I’d like to get him to play melodica on something, which is what he was going to do for me on this record.”

The pair have previously performed together on many occasions and Gallagher is also featured on Gorillaz's new song 

Gallagher's album is set to be released in November.