Guns N’ Roses bassist calls for tighter gun laws in America

Virgin Radio

22 Nov 2016, 13:52

Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan has called for a tightening of gun laws in the USA.

In a column written for Noisey magazine, he insisted upon the need for restrictions on the sales of military-style weapons and large-capacity magazines to citizens.

He said: “Background checks for all gun sales? What’s the argument against that? Banning AK-47s and the like, probably a damn good idea, right?

"I’m just a regular guy, neither ‘pro’ nor ‘anti’ gun. I understand and respect the right to bear arms, but do some of you actually think we maintain this right still for the sole purpose of the ‘in case’ of our own government somehow taking over (as opposed to fighting off the English monarchy in 1775)? 

"This all seems as basic to me, as banning sales of guns here for people who are on the no-fly list. Is there something I am missing here?”

Read the full column here.