Josh Widdicombe reveals famous Taskmaster tattoo forced him to show episodes to his daughter

Virgin Radio

9 May 2024, 15:21

Josh Widdicombe and a Taskmaster envelope

Credit: Channel 4/Virgin Radio

Josh Widdicombe has revealed how his Taskmaster tattoo led to an amusing family bonding moment.

Speaking exclusively with about his and Nish Kumar’s latest series of Sky’s Hold the Front Page, the comedian also opened up about his memories of starring on the first series of Taskmaster.

Remembering the moment in which he got the word ‘Greg’ tattooed on his foot in order to impress the Taskmaster, Greg Davies, Widdicombe admitted: “I recently showed the show to my daughter because she asked why I had the word ‘Greg’ tattooed on my foot, which was kind of difficult to explain!”

Watching his episodes back with his daughter, Widdicombe realised two things. “The first thing I learnt was that it’s a lot more sweary than I remember for a six-year-old,” the Last Leg comic said.

“And secondly, [I learnt] that as with Hold the Front Page, I was bad at it. It’s unbelievable how much of a career you can build from being bad at stuff on television!” Widdicome joked.

Looking back on the show as it airs its 17th season, the comic reflected: “It’s been one of the great game-changing success stories of British television in the last 10 years, I’d say.

“And it’s down really, I think, to the great team, but also the mind of Alex Horne. Because never has one man’s mind been put on television more graphically than Alex Horne’s is projected on Taskmaster.”

“The tasks are an incredibly accurate representation of how his brain works,” agreed Nish, who appeared on series five of the popular show.

Asked what their most memorable moments from the show were, Josh revealed he was still “haunted” by being given the secret exclusive counting tasks which saw him have to count items such as beans in a baked beans tin or rice in a bag of rice.

Meanwhile, Nish shared: “As far as I know, only James Acaster and I have been taken off the set by Greg Davies to be told off for how bad we were!”

Hold the Front Page continues on Sky Max every Wednesday from 9pm.

Taskmaster series 17 continues on Channel 4 every Thursday at 9pm.