David Beckham reveals documentary director was 'very angry' with him about 'be honest' scene

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9 May 2024, 13:42

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It’s the scene from David Beckham’s Netflix documentary that went viral, but it turns out the director was not at all happy about it at first. 

You know the scene. Of course you do. During the documentary about former England captain David Beckham’s life and football career, his wife, Victoria, sits down for an interview to camera. During the interview, the former Spice Girl claims to be “very working class”, only for her husband to appear from nowhere to repeatedly tell her to “be honest”.

Whilst Posh Spice says “I am being honest”, David - poking his head round the door, asks: “What car did your dad drive you to school in?”

His wife replies: “It’s not a simple answer.”

The ex-Manchester United player asks again, to which Victoria finally responds, “In the ‘80s my dad had a Rolls Royce.”

“Thank you,” David says, closing the door.

However, although the moment turned out to be massive, the footy star has revealed that the documentary’s director, Fisher Stevens, was not best pleased at the time of recording. 

During a recent conversation during an Emmys event held at Netflix‘s Tudum Theater in Hollywood, Beckham explained (via The Hollywood Reporter) that the incident occurred during Victoria’s first day of filming. “She was sat there in the lounge, looking great. She had the dogs running in and out and Fisher thought that I’d left the house, but I was in the kitchen making a coffee before I went to the office,” he said.

“I put the set of headphones on, and all of a sudden I heard my wife go, ‘Well, we’re down to earth.’ And I was like, ‘No, no, no.’ As soon as I heard her say, ‘We’re working class,’ I stuck my head in and I was like, ‘Be honest.'” 

The midfielder said that Stevens was “very angry with me over that.”

Explaining why, filmmaker Stevens said “David was supposedly out and she could be free to say what she wants, and then he showed up and I was quite upset. I was like, ‘Get him out of here.’”

However, he soon realised the value of the moment, saying: “It actually turned out to be brilliant. It worked out. Thank God the cameraman caught David, and then to Michael [Harte, editor] I did say, ‘We have gold, I think.'”

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