Double The Money: Everything you need to know about Sue Perkins’ new game show

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9 May 2024, 12:14

Sue Perkins and the contestants of Double The Money (Channel 4)

Credit: Channel 4

National treasure Sue Perkins is at the helm of Channel 4’s brand new game show, which is being billed as The Apprentice meets Bargain Hunt. 

The reality competition series hopes to give its contestants pots of cash with ever-increasingly innovative ways to ‘double the money’ already earned. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Double The Money!

What is Double The Money and how does it work? 

The new Channel 4 will see 13 pairs of contestants take on a modest amount of seed money, but the clock starts ticking as they try to double that amount with new ideas, hustles and strategies to turn their meagre starting amount into a fortune. 

They must continue to double their money within the time frame, or face elimination from the whole game. Contestants are also not allowed to use the same idea twice, otherwise they might also face the chop. Those who do make it through to the very end stand to win a massive sum of £20,000.

The official synopsis continues: “As the competition progresses, each round increases the cash target that teams must achieve and extends the time they have to do it. The stakes are high, and the pressure is on as the clock counts down with each passing round. By the final round, weeks later, the remaining duo that makes the most money in the given time will win a large cash prize to add to their final pot.”

Who are the Double The Money contestants? 

Ordinary people from all different backgrounds will take part in Double The Money, with pairings of children and parents, siblings, and couples all getting together for the chance to win major money. 

The contestants range from a friend duo made up of a food influencer and sexual health educator, to twin sisters who own their own social marketing business. 

Despite their differences, host Sue teased that they all have something in common. She said (via WhatToWatch): “They’re all trying to balance their stresses of everyday life with the hell that I'm putting them through!"

She continued: "In just a matter of months, they've gone from that initial stake of £250 to an extraordinary sum of money. I get quite tearful because I love them and I'm invested in them becoming happy and successful."

Is there a Double The Money trailer? 

There is indeed! Take a look!

When is Double The Money on TV?

Double The Money starts tonight (9th May) at 8pm and continues on Friday 10th May. The rest of the series airs on Friday nights at 8pm.