Jay Blades reportedly taking a step back from The Repair Shop show

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9 May 2024, 12:03

(L-R Jay Blades, Jay on the show)

Pic: BBC

Sad times for fans of the popular show The Repair Shop, as Jay Blades is reportedly "taking a step back" due to problems in his personal life.

It has been revealed that he recently suffered a bereavement, and his marriage of 18 months has broken down.

Furniture restorer Jay found fame through the TV show, and he had shared the sad news of his bereavement on social media after attending his uncle's funeral.

Blades posted that he felt "a little bit messed up" following the loss of his uncle.

Just days later, his wife, Lisa Marie Zbozen, shared that their marriage had come to an end after a year and a half.

She wrote that she was "incredibly sad about the whole thing... I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much".

She added: "I will admit I’m crying as I type this as I can’t believe this is even real. I hope you don’t mind if I just have a few days trying to figure out my life as I’m currently in a spare room with a few essentials. I don’t know what else to say."

The Repair Shop is still filming, however a source says Jay has taken a step back.

They told The Sun: "Jay has taken a step back and is having a break from filming The Repair Shop, his uncle’s death in March and the breakdown of his marriage means he has decided to take some time out.’

The source says the show is "carrying on without him for now and the other repairers are hard at work".

According to the source, Jay's colleagues were "shocked" to hear about his marriage breaking down as it was "not well known at all among the people who work on the show’".