The Fortune Hotel host Stephen Mangan discusses ITV’s new rival to The Traitors - 'Dramatic, addictive and funny'

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9 May 2024, 10:13

Stephen Mangan is at the helm of ITV’s newest rival to The Traitors, and the host has revealed how audiences are set for even more deception and intrigue…while also enjoying the sunny climes of the Caribbean. 

The Fortune Hotel, which kicks off on Monday (13th May), invites 10 pairs of contestants to the luxurious confines of a Caribbean resort. But this isn't your average beach getaway – it's a battleground of wits, luck, and £250,000 on the line.

As contestants step into the opulent lobby, they're handed briefcases – each containing a tantalising possibility. Will it be the jackpot, an empty case, or the dreaded Early Checkout Card? The contestants have to lie, cheat and deceive throughout tasks in the hope of swapping those cases around.

Speaking exclusively to, Stephen described the new sun-drenched game show as “dramatic, addictive and funny” with plenty to keep audiences satisfied. 

He explained: “There’s intrigue, there's drama. There's a lot of comedy. It's very funny. But there are alliances formed. People help each other or throw each other under the bus. 

“The most joyous thing for me is the fact that they're in pairs. So you get to see mother and daughter have a go at each other because they don't think they're doing it right, or best mates, their relationship either flourishing or floundering. It's just a really intriguing, exciting, adventurous game show.”

Audiences will know Stephen well for his acting chops, but he’s also a fan-favourite co-host of quiz show Pointless, and so getting into the world of The Fortune Hotel felt like a natural next step - with the Caribbean backdrop making it all the more sweeter. 

For The Split star, he insisted that despite all the “treachery” ahead, the contestants are at the very heart of the show. 

“I think what's so lovely about it is how warmly we treat the characters,” Stephen added. “However luxurious the hotel, however devastatingly handsome the host, these shows work if there are characters in it that you root for, or find funny, or wind you up, but you need to have the right mix of people. 

“I think that's why this show succeeds so brilliantly. They are a fascinating group of people who I think people will fall in love with, and be absolutely devastated when they get knocked out because only one pair can win.”

The Fortune Hotel airs every Monday -Thursday at 9pm on ITV1, ITVX, STV and STV Player from May 13th.