Race Across The World fans 'worried' for first place couple as they 'waste' budget to reach checkpoint

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9 May 2024, 09:08

Race Across The World

Credit: BBC

Viewers of Race Across The World have shared their concerns as the latest couple to land in first place accidentally blew through much of their budget. 

During last night’s (8th May) episode on BBC One, the remaining contestants - Betty and James; Eugenie and Isabel; Alfie and Owen and Steven and Viv - had to navigate through Thailand to get to the next checkpoint in Koh Phi Phi. 

At this stage in the intrepid competition, every decision counts, and despite crossing the checkpoint first, sibling couple Betty and James have managed to whittle their precious pennies down to less than 30 percent of their original budget. 

The team managed to earn a few pounds back but deciding to take a speed boat and watch a local boxing match were costly decisions, which viewers watching at home picked up on.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), some fans shared their concerns about the little bits of budget left, with one writing: “Yay Betty and James won a leg, I'm a bit worried about their budget tho.”

Another commented: “Glad Betty and James won today. They had the balance between seeing Thailand and the race about right. Their budget is a worry.”

A third said: “Happy for Betty and James making the checkpoint in 1st place for the first time.  23% left of their budget though is very low.”

Another shared: “James & Betty wasting their budget on watching a Boxing Match. They only have 28% left.”

In the next episode, the teams will have to embark on a 2000km journey across Malaysia to the rarely-visited Indonesian island of Sumatra, where the sixth checkpoint lies in the mountain-fringed city of Bukittinggi.

Race Across The World continues Wednesday nights on BBC One at 9pm and BBC iPlayer.